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Z3's for sale

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Hey boys and girls,

just lettin ya know that I'm looking to sell my fibreglass Z3's that I bought about a year back, simply for the reason that I can't afford to put them on .........which sucks.

I just got my full Wings West kit painted and am about to install it, and I just dont have enough cash left to pay for these, so I'm looking to sell them... locally preferably.

I will drive anywhere within reason, such as pretty much anywhere out to Chatham to meet any ppl from out there, but I wont cross the border with them.........I've been hassled before...

anyways, long story short, Z3's for sale, I paid $200 USD about two years ago, I'll let them go for $150 USD

only serious offers please,

help a brotha out, I need to free up some cash for school coming up!!
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if you can get them painted...I'll install them for you
The $$ for painting is probably the problem... installing is no big deal. Matt knows some of us local guys would be happy to install it.
Ya its the cash for the paint.........its just going to be too much money, and I just shelled out a whole bunch of cash on the WW kit, so I'm running on empty right now.

none the less, I just wanted to try and sell them fairly locally...

if anyone wants them, or wants to negotiate, let me know
yes they are definately still for sale

i'm going to pm you
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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