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wussy horn......

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kinda a stupid question, but does anyone know how to disconnect the wussy "locked horn"? like when you hit the lock button twice and you get that "VW bug" sounding horn! lol i know its not the normal horn sound. i just try not to hit it twice cause it sounds so terrible! but anyway, would it be easy to disconnect?
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Go buy some Airhorns from Autozone/Pepboys and hook those up instead.
Joker- I was thinking the exact same thing! I'm the same way, I try not to hit the button twice cause everyone thinks it sounds funny. I would like to have the lights blink and thats it. Anyone have a real answer as to how to disconnect this horn?
in my 99 the horn doesn't sound, juz the lights.. :)
mine doesn't beep either but that really doesn't help them..., i want an entirely new horn since that one sounds like it should eb in a festiva
I've just heard this from somebody else and am not sure for sure. The horn for that alarm is supposed to be inside, passengers side, rear seat panel by the speaker. If you listen for the horn(stick your head inside the car) I think it is coming from there. Does anybody know this for sure??

If it is there, I want to just disconnect the alarm and hook it up to something else, so when you do lock your doors, something really cool happens!
Yes, I was just working in that area the other day- I thought it looked like a horn! It's below where the speaker is on the passenger side. there is a (i think) blue and a white wire going to it- prolly just unplug it. This way the change is not permanent; in case you want that stupid thing why didnt I disconnect mine when I had the chance?????
I just went and looked it up in the shop manual. That is the horn for the alarm and it probably is just as simple as unplugging it. I also looked to see if they was any other way of turning it off and i couldn't find anything so if you want it off i would just unplug it. I know that with some other mercury models you can program the horn out of the system but it doesn't look like they programmed that option into the system on the cougars
So when you hit the panic button that thing sounds? It sounds like the normal horn and that combined. I think they started that thing in the 2000 model.
Or you can unhook the wires from the horn beind the panel, and wire them into a nice airhorn or one of the 5 tone ones and scare people when they walk by your car, by arming it.... he he he :goofy:
thanx 02xrcoug.........i'll have to check into disconnecting that [email protected] thing!!!! :biggrin:
I was thinking about some how hooking the horn to a sound file ... the one of the cougar growling heh heh

...but I'm only kidding on that one... too cheesy for me :)
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