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Wow, how did the hood fly up like that?

Didnt close it properly and were speeding down the road maybe?

- Thanks guys, one member PMed me with an antenna base.

- As far how the hood flew is my own dang fault :crazy: . Kind of complicated; my daughter previously had accidents and tickets so our insurance skyrocketed. We cancelled the comp/coll and only kept liability then she rearended a minivan. So, the genius that I am decided to repair the minor damage myself. And, I let her continue to drive it while I searched for replacement parts (even tried buying a hood from one of our forum members but it was damaged in shipment so I ultimately paid retail for a new hood at a local body shop). I strapped her hood shut with bungee cords (no thinking about the flexible nature of bungee cords) so they stretched and the hood flew open while going 65 mph on a 2-lane highway when an 18-wheeler drove by in the opposite direction. Fortunately, she didn't panic and safely stopped the car on the side of the road. But, it did smash the windshield and roof :banghead:

- Initial damage:

- Subsequent damage:

- New windshield

- This is what it looks like now.

- Ahhh...raising kids is a challenge.
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