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WOW stupid car!

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Okay, so i have a problem with the cougar. All of the sudden when i push the gas pedal down it does nothing until right at the end. I get out and check under the hood. I notice the little black platic connector on the throttle is busted so it only engages when its almost floored. Does anyone know what this piece is called/where i can get it?

Thank you.
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AZBobbyBooshay had this happen to him recently, and Fett posted the fix. You should be able to search that out, or Fett could post here as well...
yeah, i tried to search but i don't really know what it is called so i searched throttle and a near infinite number of pages came up, lol.. oh well i guess i'll filter through them all.
set "fett" as the author. That will narrow it down. Plus, it was in the last 3 months or so; not too long ago.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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