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I've recently got my hands on a 2001 Workshop Manual, but it doesn't include the facelfit 2001+ model year cars.
Does the 2002 manual feature them? (i.e. different lights, wheels, bumpers/fenders)

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What do you mean doesn't include? What are you looking for that you think should be different? An '01 is an '01...there weren't changes mid model-year unless Ford sold some '00 cars as '01's in Europe. The cosmetic changes aren't different mechanically AFAIK...a headlight still goes in and out the same way whether it has boobs or not.
If you run into any specific questions, hit us up here.

If it's a North American manual, you might be missing information on the Euro specific stuff like climate control and heated windscreen.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts