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i am interested in building an enclosure for my subs and was wondering if anyone had any experience with fiberglass if so
where can i get the right kind
what is the right kind
what kinds are there
how much does it cost

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Go join their forums, especially the Installation category.... do a search, DO NOT just go there and say "How Do I fiberglass" you will get trashed, but anyhow do a search there, you'll find enough material to keep you reading for a few days... just about every single different type of enclosure and technique is covered on this site, if you can't find something that fits your EXACT needs then make a post. MPipes over there is very skilled in this field, as well as GlassMan (now known as GlassMan2)...

Alot of the users there build their own enclosures and have taken many pics and posted how to pages on what and how they did their own enclosures, you'll find links of examples, after that it's pretty simple, you figure out your form, use a piece of fleece or t-shirt (only if you need to) soak it in resin, or soak some fiberglass mat/cloth in resin then apply... then sand, sand, sand, sand, sand, and sand again, repeat until desired thickness/shape achieved, .... after that shoot it with high build primer, sand again and paint.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts