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Wonderin if i saw someones coug

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I was traveling for work down to the rockland county area and i saw a cougar on rt. 17 north (i was going south) it had a full drift kit, black, painted black taillight covers, and no spoiler, possibly rims...I cant really remember where it was, city wise, maybe like goshen?? gosher?? but it was on tuesday...just wonderin if it was someones coug:)
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It was me....

... just kidding :biggrin:
I rockland county???

I just might have to investigate this. Some one down here!! Praise God!

Its the next county over from me. Maybe on a nice day I can drive my cougar around and see who I can see. Maybe hand out some of my Empire NECO business cards :biggrin:
I didnt see the car itself in rockland county, prolly about 45 minutes from there, but maybe it was leaving from that area?? It was pretty nice though, caught my attention
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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