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wiring neons to headlights

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Hey im tryin to find a how to on wiring interior neons to come on with the headlight sure its not too difficult, especially since i have two street glows going into one transformer so i only have one set of wires to run but if anyone can help me out i'd appreciate it.

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I would say the best way to do it is take apart your switch area to get to the wires and find the positive lead (I would say for your foglights in case oyu want your headlights on and not your neon) and just tap into it and use it as a power source for your neons. unless someone has done this or you have a repair manual the best is just going to be trial and error. be sure and pull your headlight fuse first as to not blow it or cause a short.
I've done this for alotta cars. You could just wire in a switch between your headlight lead and neon lead. Then you can have them come on w/ your headlights, but if you don't want the neon on just flip the switch and the neon will go off; and then they'll only come on w/ your headlights on. Make sense?

Headlight lead +12V --------------------Switch-------------------Neon +12V
if you do it that way then you should just use a switch to turn them on and off, if you are going to have a switch you should just eliminate the extra wiring!
thanks puma i think ill try it your way.
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