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I have replaced the bulbs in the driver-side forg lights a few times, but yesterday was the first time I replaced the one on the passenger side.

On the driver side, there's enough wiring so you can pull the lamp housing out first, then disconnect the connector. On the passenger side, I pulled out the housing, and found that the wiring is so short, I had pulled out the connector too. Worse, I couldn't reconnect it before I put the housing back because it is just too damn short.

I ended up taking out my headlight and then squeezing my arm through a very small gap in the body (badly scratching myself too) and reconnecting it (with the help of another person).
I followed the path of the wiring, but didn't see any place where it had any slack I could have used to give myself more room.

OK, I guess I have two questions:

1. Anyone else experience this?
2. can I get an extension for the wiring (from the connector to the lamp housing)?

Thanks for your help


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mine is the exact same way... if memory servs me well i believe that the wire was taped to something, i didnt try to remove it, i just struggled putting it back in.
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