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Hello folks - I have a question about my Cougar that I hope someone will be able to help me with.
I put my Cougar away for the winter last year and suffered corroded brake discs and was advised to put the car on axle stands this time and spray the discs etc with WD40 (and wipe them before I put it back on the road!!!) and also to protect the tyres. I have done this but didn't find the owners manual or TIS disc much use as to where to put the axle stands.
I have placed the axle stands with cloths on top outside of the flange where the boot jack fits, I would have used this place to jack the car (trolley jack) and put them on the chassis legs but the manual didn't show the rear, what I think are chassis legs, as suitable axle stand points so presume they are just a box section?
Can anyone advise me better on where I should put the stands, if they are in a suitable place then great but I am concerned - it will remain on these stands until about the end of March/beginning of April.

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if you look under the front of the car you'll see the chassis, which is bolted onto the main frame. The main frame will come from under the car (from the back) and kind of slant up where the chassis is. Just follow that main frame to the back of the car, and the stands should be placed under the frame at the front of the rear tires.


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Thanks alot Mike, your help is appreciated as you can probably tell my knowledge of cars is not that great.
I am now going into my garage to check it out.
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