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I know this is going to sound stupid, but I have no idea how to get this sticker off my car. I bought it used and the girl who had it before put this skull sticker on my rear window. It is a crappy one, and I tried to peel it off but it won't budge. I used my fingernail, but am afraid to use anything else, I dont wanna scratch the glass. I also tried goo gone, but that did nothing. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I had a ford like sticker on my front windshield. I used a brand new razor, put some goo gone on the blade and on the sticker (let it sit there for about a minute). I used the razor very carefully to peel up a corner. Once I got a good sized corner I used my fingers and pulled as much of as I could. I did this until I had it all gone and was left with lots of sticker residue. I used more goo gone and just worked at it and eventually it came off.
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