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i was wondering how u get kind a "ghost" decal in tinted windows? i was thinkinking about a big cat symbol in the back and smaller ones on the sides and i think either a ghost decal or silver would look good. could i simply put a white one on the inside and it would cold through as gray? or would i have to do somehting else?

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i saw someone on here with a silver cougar who had flames on his tinted windows...

what he did was get the whole window tinted in something like 35%
then get something like 5% tinting, and cut out peices that look like flames, and stick the darker tint, on top of the lighter tint...

the end result looked really good... the darker tint showed through and it was a really nice touch.

mabey you could use this 'technique' for what your thinking of...

ND4SPD told ya just how to do it :)
I do it at a local car shop I work at.. I always think it looks better though to use a colored film to do the flames or whatever you're wanting in..
Ive got a red Cougar, and I recently tinted really small flames in red over top of the black tint I already had... Looks pretty good I think
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