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who can bust out the coolest poem/song/rhyme scheme for us?

who wants to judge such a thing? and how can we have rules for it? :)

any ideas? i think we could have some fun with this :)

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trolling around is the life,
cause you like to strife.
your cougars all cool and green,
but it don't resemble no dream.
your avatars got breast,
cause u wish u was best.
your clubs up all night,
looking for the light.
out burnning rubber all day,
cause your looking for a way to just get lay.
you think your cool on wanna be dubs,
kicking it back and pretending the cubs
are fighting for fears, but just wait for dhem Bears


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lemme think of sumtin, ill get u all!

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1,2, 3 and to the 4
1Pac, 2 Pac, 3Pac, 4, 4Pac 3Pac, 2Pac, 1
He's Pac, Your Pac, No Pacs, None
This guy aint no mutha f*ckin' emcee
I know everything he's about to say against me
I am white, I am a f*ckin' bum,
I do live in a trailer with my mom's
My boy Future is an Uncle Tom
I do have a dumb friend name Cheddar Bob who shoots himself in the leg with his own gun
And I did get jumped, by all 6 of your chumps
And Wink did f*ck my girl
Im still standing here screaming "f*ck the Free World"

Oohh.. I got you all!

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your spitting rhymes from 8 mile, chief.
your brown like the beef.
eat that meat,
before you beat
stop stealing words,
or get eaten by hords.
your not white, you do not live in a trailer with your mom,
you drive a cougar and thinkin you's da bomb.
you think you got the super sperm,
but really your just humping a car with your little worm.


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Don't ever try to judge me dude, You don't know what the f*ck I been through
But I know something about you, you went to Crenbrook, that's a private school
What's the matter dawg, you embarrased?
This guy's a gansta? His real name's Clarence..
And Clarence lives at home with both parents
And Clarence parents have a real good marriage
This guy dont wanna battle, he's shook
Cuz aint no such thing as half way crooks
He scared to death, he's scared to look at his f*cking yearbook

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damn Aries, stop spilling b-rabbits tunes,
stop acting a fool, you goofy loones.
arch-angel is too white, he can't stand the bite.
he has a wife at twenty one,
you know later he'll be with Denny's hun.
he knows the Stang with all the balls,
but he can't undestand cougars at all.
Aries, Aries you've been told your a thrill,
but danger kills, so make your will.
You like to type in NECO now,
but noone hears your echo here.
you recently became a mod,
please don't use it to be fraud.
as for all there is abroad,
please be nice and save the board
and save the drama for yo mama.

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come on, you can do this, it's easy.

**** everything i said was stupid, so give it all you got, who cares, we need some fun in here :)

your style is gay like micheal, your rhymes are recycled
step up to battle this, and get dissed and missed
I started with Land of Lincoln, But found what I was seekin
joined up with Gateway, And thats where my cougar lay
its bad to be white, with rhymes so damn tight
none of it's compiled, or bit from 8 mile
or rippin on aries, sounding like faries
will the ryhmin stop, after ya'll drop
or should I keep goin, so and so and so'in
wwwwwwwhhhhhhhiiiiitttttteeeeee bbbbbboooooooyyyyyyzzzzzz


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not too shabby, too bad you sound flabby.
i got rhymes worth ten thousand dimes
you left way of the lay to Getaway,
you go on and calll us white,
but damn you know the girls think we a delight
you exit word but every brotha knows it's werd,
you wishin you could hang with this herd, you slow ass bird.
stay away, get the hint, you could learn from larry flint.
now i gotta go, i got **** to do, but i'll be back for more of you.

toys toys toys, tryin to rap but just makin noise
i didn't end it with a word, I stopped it with the word
you're not in this community, so your ****s not new to me
try to stay on beat and avoid my heat
so don't type and just sit back in your seat
i try and keep this short so stay with me sport
your rhymes are basic, your white so just face it
on a scale of 1 to 10 let me do this again
one, your bassically just wack
two, your spittin ain't even smack
three, ryhmes aren't even on mark
four, so written they need trademarked
five, you're just not ready to battle
six, so get back on your horse and sattle
seven, and ride that **** back to illinois
eight, and stay off the boards makin your noise
nine, oh yeah here we go again
ONE, you know your not a ten
get back to me in a couple of days
after you can write ryhmes and get paid

word ;)

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***** you don't even know the half about me
I bring it straight to your chest, ask your mom about me
I'm just a little bit younger, but a whole lot wiser
I might advise ya, or I might pulverize ya
I can visit any city, get respect cruisin the streets
While you alone in your room, shook to death cuz u just got beat
I'll take a second to speak, I keep my keys in reach
I ain't talkin romance but you'll get swept off your feet
I keep a badass whip, that blasts down the strip
I'm not white, I'm Flip, I am here to settle this ****
You can't compare to the status right here
Legendary worldwide, we can battle right here
Listen junior, I'm gonna tear back your wig
This ain't TV but I'll show you what a "Fear Factor" is
Stop grillin me, and all that frontin is killin me
You leave me no choice but to hurt your feelings G..

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i never said nothing about any battle,
Aries brought up the 8 Mile rattle.
I am white and I like being white, it's tight
and you know it's just right.
so take a step down, goon
and end this fight for your own good.
why you gotta be stepping and ripping,
i wasn't even tripping, so stop your stripping
as for your information, i'm not in illinois
to make that noise and racket, ******.
this is a battle between this chap,
so get outta here with your crap.
you need to learn how to rap theres need for numbers
unless you a crack ass plumber.
you gave me 2 days, but i used 2 seconds,
so you better reckon, i'll be back again
to spread the word and give you pain.
you need to get game, and start preaching sane.
you remind me of the fearless Bane,
who got his ass kicked by the big bad Wayne.
now turn around, get out of my chapter
or getting beaten by the white rapper.


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Who cares if your white,
your **** ain't tight
like yo mom's is, but wait
Uh no..that's right after bein wit me all night
She done an lost her sight
She done an flipped out da bed,
An screamed my name til' I felt like I was dead.
All ya'll lil' boyz think ya'll got rhymes, but ya don't
So let's see if I can teach you
While we take a ride on my 90 foot boat.
and don't even try to touch that one
Cause once you do, I'll just buy another one
A bigger one
An I'll take you out on that one too.
Only you won't come back this time,
You'll be too scared
I'll just tell the priests and police that you must be dead
And they won't care,
Just like yo mom's won't care
She'll be too busy pullin out her hair, screamin my name again
Cause she knew Fu*kin you was a sin
She even let yo pop's hit it
Oh yes I just did it
I let em' all know
Yo little secret
So just take it to da grave and beat it like a little beatnik

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how can you say we're white?
where's the right, since you brighter then white.
you rap my pap f*cked your mom,
so now it's time for a cap in your ass,
you tragic magic mass.
you see, my dad is gone,
long gone and singing with the swans.
your like the mac-a-rena without rush,
has no soul and cannot pop-no-tush
so now i stop and think, whoa
this kid never get's a blowa.
so pick that lick, you tit bitty prick.
I think your smoking crack,
at least your not chocking cack.
leave the zone, or rest with the bone.

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I can say your white,
Hell I know your white,
Remember everyone saw you on the news the other night
with that priest,
the one that stuck it to you like like you was a fu*king feast
He shoulda known he would get caught
He shoulda known he shouldn't a bought
that little kid, you, the one with the clap
and the one that holla'd so loud when he sat in the priests lap
You little pimped out ho
Too young to yell "Go daddy go"
Your what we like to call a prostitot.
that's a little boy or girl
that'll finish off his mom or dad out in tha parkin Lot
So you see I can call you white
I can even call you albino tonight
Cause your eyes shine too damn bright in tha night
and they bleed worse than you moms on her hundreth fu*k of the night
Oh I guess this is the second time I've talked about your eyes,
they must intrigue me
or maybe I just feel sorry em
After taking it from you moms with a strap on
Your pops with his own
And the priest when ya'll was alone
They can only be one color, and that's red
That's the color you'll be when your dead

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i'm over seas i'm not on your tube,
you psycho with too much lube.
you like to penetrate, but you swing with the other bate.
you ignore the sign 'exit only' becuase your lonely.
you take it in the rear, tempted by the dreams you bare.
the priest was clever, but at least he admits not liking the beaver.
so go weaver, i got a webpage to make,
so relax and wait, i'll be back to stage
your silly face once more, you dirty *****.
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