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which rims for me??? ace vs. velox

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k, i found two guys with rims for sale, but cant quite decide which ones i like better. they are both 18". the first one is velox vx-8 in hyperblack, the second is ace manta in hyperblack. these are both photoshops by me of them on my car.
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I like the manta's better.
yeah, it seems like a lot of people have the velox rims, so thats one reason why i say the mantas. the other is that i just like them more.
without a doubt get the velox vx-8's
after seeing the manta's on a zn... damn i like.

now i just have to see how much the guy is gonna ask for the set.
he's asking $1500 plus shipping... i can afford $1000. damnit :banghead:
I love the VX-8's, but I would get the Mantas to be more original. I remember calling Ace Alloys 6 months ago and they told me that Manta's didnt come in 4x108, but after i bought rims, they come out. Damn
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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