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Where to drill through firewall?

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I am trying to relocate the battery, but anyone who has done an amp knows where to run the positive line through the firewall and to the trunk. So can anyone tell me where to drill please, I am doing this tomorrow!
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well to the trunk just go through the side panels... as far as through the firewall... i have an atx so i just went through that hole where the clutch would have been had i bought an mtx. but this is not your case, so you just need to drill a hole. semi near your clutch probably, i dont see it matering however
on the drivers side floor board their is a rubber/plastic drain plug in the body... pop it out, drill it and run the cable up through it sealing it with silicone, make sure you secure the cable to the firewall and the area under the car that it covers...
I squeezed my cable through the factory grommet, behind the cruise control actuator. Of course, I've got a pic at my website. Other pictures of my battery-in-the-back are there as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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