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I was browsing through the pictures section on team neco's site and i came across this cougar that was exactly like mine (silver) and it had Adr trama rims as shown here ( ) Now i only looked on the the few wheel sites i know, including ADRs main site and i couldnt find these anywhere on sale. If anyone knows of where I can buy these please let me know. I thought that wheelmax would have them but they dont, tire rack has a set just like them but i was gonna see if the ADR's were less expensive than the ones on tirerack before i bought them. If anyone can help me out I appreciate it a lot. Thanks

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try these....KMC suicides they are VERY close.

The only differance is that The KMC's have 5 instead of 6 spokes. The ones I posted are 19's, but you can probably find them aswell in a lower size, but I think they were discontinued aswell. Hope that hepls a little bit, allthough not exactly what you wanted. you go!! I looked for 17's.....guessed that's what you want :) Good luck

ADR Trama's
More ADR's


ADR Trama
Size Bolt Pattern Offset Fitment Finish Price Order
17x7.0 5x108 (5x4.25) 40 White $180.40 ea
17x7.0 5x100 40 White $180.40 ea
17x7.0 4x114.3 (4x4.5) 40 White $180.40 ea
17x7.0 4x108 (4x4.25) 40 White $180.40 ea
17x7.0 4x100 40 White $180.40 ea
17x7.0 4x114.3 (4x4.5) 40 Anthracite $180.40 ea
17x7.0 4x108 (4x4.25) 40 Anthracite $180.40 ea
17x7.0 4x100 40 Anthracite $180.40 ea
17x7.0 5x114.3 (5x4.5) 40 White $180.40 ea
17x7.0 5x114.3 (5x4.5) 40 Silver $180.40 ea
17x7.0 5x108 (5x4.25) 40 Silver $180.40 ea
17x7.0 5x100 40 Silver $180.40 ea
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