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hey, well i just got off of the phone with one of the techs for the diablo chip. i have been having problems ever since i got my 75mm maf. he told me that the chip should be the last mod that you do to your car. i know that there have been allot of posts lately about this topic. he said that after you have allready put everything that you want on your car to get a custom burn done on a chip. if you allready have one he said the best thing that you can do for your engine is to put in the closet and get it reburned after your through. with a stock engine all the chip does is raise the rev limiter, take off the speed limiter(on some applications), and change the shift points(on an auto)thats it. they cant touch the fuel curve, or anything else without a waiver. but he said that when you get the custom burn done they can change everything. so if you have one, put it up untill your done modding, and if you want one, wait. he said that you wont have any conflicts with the chip as long as you dont try to change anything electronic. so i/h/e mods dont mess it up. but ignition, maf, and the intake swap will make the chips run lean. by the way, there is nothing wrong with the maf if this happens, its just the chip.
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