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What to buy and how to do (for foglights)

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What to buy and how to do

I want to get a set of 99-00 foglights, and paint them to match my mismatched headlights,(I like my color scheme)
My question is: I need to know everything that I will need to buy to get them in and operating. Ive never actually seen it, but as far as I know, there is a fog light switch inside the cabin for people who have fog lights from the factory right? Ive looked under my car, and I found little harnesses on either side of the front bumper, with little covers on them, and I think those are foglight harnesses, so if they are, what else do I need to have foglights?
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Is it true that some of the cougars without sport package, like mine have "dummy wires" wired in or something I heard, or is the wiring behind those covers real, and all you need to do it plug in, and get a new switch to pull out for fogs to turn on
On my 01, the dummy wires were just that. I ended up going to Radio Shack and picking up a lighted rocker switch, mounted it under the bracket that holds the dimmer/headlight switch, and wired it normally. Looks excellent, and works just fine. The model number for that switch is 275-712 ( / your local RS)

Foglights basically just need a positive and a negative wire running to their harness, a fuse on the positive line, and a switch. All that other crap about relays and stuff is for 'safety' - so you don't forget about them, so you don't have more than 4 lights on in the front of your car, so that you get that stupid little indicator light on your dash, etc....

I just did this install last weekend, and it only took about 30 minutes from start to finish - very easy install. Feel free to PM if you have any questions.
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