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Well the topic says it all....Does anyone have the dark and light brown interior???? I am wanting to put a set of sport seats in the car but I am afraid of what the seats look like since most all seats are black and some other color....unless u get the 800-1000 dollar sparcos in tan, or have a custom set of covers made. Does anyone have pics of their seats that have the tan interior???

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i had tan leather seats all around... and i was F*KED in the worst way with seats...

my solution... buy the seats i wanted in the colour i wanted. and then dye the back seats black
i ran out of cash / time
so i just had my good ol' mommy make an elastic cover that fit over both the back seats, so you can't even tell they are tan. problem solved.

next year i will be taking the seats out all together, so it doesn't really bother me.
but for you... i would look into getting the rear seats rehupolstered...
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