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Well the title says it all. I have several friends that are in the junk yard business and I was thinking about doing an atx to mtx swap and wanted to know all the parts i would need to do this.

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I'd like to know that parts needed for it also. I've planning on getting mine switched over, I know it'll be $$$$, but that's not the point. So if anyone knows what is needed, list those parts... thanks.

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mtx ecu (not needed but recommended)
Master cylinder
Hydraulic lines
Break pedal
clutch pedal
Shift linkage (i'm somewhat vague in this area)

I know I'm missing something else here.....someone else chime in and tell me what it is.

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MTX75 Transmission $1600?new $~700used
Clutch Disc $100.21 Plate $103.20 F7RZ-7550-AA & F7RZ-7563-AA
Clutch Slave cylinder $73.84
Flywheel $94.48
Left half shaft $150?
Right jack shaft $50?
Clutch Master Cylinder $29.19
Clutch Pedal Assembly $178.62 F7RZ-2455-AA
Clutch Hydraulic line upper $15
Clutch Hydraulic line lower $15
Clutch fluid supply line $5
Mount-fender side $85.22
Mount-tranny side-left $41.25
Mount-tranny side-right $40
Mount-cross member side-right $36.97
Shift Tower Assembly $72.97 XS8Z-7210-BB
Shift boot $29 regular $99 leather
Bolts- Clutch to flywheel $2
Friction Modifier $3.60 XL-3
Crossmember $450
Shift cables $45
3 quarts Mobil 1 synthetic ATF $15
Vehicle Speed Sensor-mtx $50
134Kohm resistor $1 Radio Shack

That is the list Exigent posted...I was gonna do the swap but instead just bought a MTX.
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