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hey im new in the nj neco section but ive been around neco for about a year now, im posting this thread because i work in nj and if anyone has anything im interested in.. i would like to know where to get it... also it will help everyone here know what others have so if you need something you know who to contact.. so let the games begin....

stock intake assembly
ford 9mm racing wires
6 NGK iridium tip plugs
and access to a whole parts car, for very reasonable prices...(front end damage).

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Ok, as some of you know, I am a marine stationed in NC but I am from NJ. So I post in both caro-neco and NJ-neco :thumbsup:

2 sets EFX (made by scosche) 5x7
1 set EFX 12" subs
Old model Pioneer headunit (works, unsure of model, would have to dig it out of storage)
1 Set Pink streetglow gold series neons (streetglow stopped making pink and these are brand new in box)
4 Sets of tweeters (no name brand, bought them in bulk a while back, have 2 sets in my car and they really brighten the sound up)
3L semi Polished UIM/TB
plastic 3L UIM/TB
stock engine cover [sold to axio]
stock tape deck head unit
stock white 99 fenders... need repainting

anything is for sale for a price :thumbsup:

items in my car I'd sell for the right price:
Clarion indash DVD player w/ 7" touchscreen (fully motorized) model VRX935VD
I have the clarion Sirius tuner with it. (paid 1600 for everything)

** I have more, I just have to dig it all out of my storage unit before I know what all I have **
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