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What is best XM or Sirus?

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Which is the better one? And what ifo do you have to back up your opinion? I am contemplating buy one and wanted to know the difference and which is considered the better one. Thanx for any help....Jamie
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Well this is mostly preffrence one isnt better then the other its like Eclipse v/s alpine they have different options then the other one its what ever you prefer take a look at there channels they both offer and go from that..
Pretty much people will generally say whatevery they have is best...
Me I have sirius.. .never have listened to XM... but I can say
I like my sirius and don't have any regrets...

Sirius you can still get a lifetime subcription for... so thats a cool perk... never pay again..
They are both IMO really good. As ^ they said, personal preference. I prefer XM because it has more repeaters= Better and more coverage but sirius is soon upgrading so either one is a good choice.
What does it cost for the lifetime subcription??
here is the answer to all your questions except the cost for subscriptions go to the websites for that information.

It took me 1 minute of searching to find this...
IIRC its $500 or something for the lifetime. At least thats what it was when I worked at RadioShack over the holidays last year.

I've gotten to experince both systems, and I prefer Sirius.

XM: This is optional equipment on several Honda models, and I was able to check it out when I worked at a Honda dealership. As long as you didn't have anything over you, the signal was great. But if 2 tree branches were above you, you lost all signal. Whenever I'd go to the gas station and go under that "carport" thing, I'd lose all signal. Not sure if thats an XM problem, or if it was just crappy antennas that Honda put on the cars. Can any of you XM guys confirm/deny the reception issues? We also have XM at the office I work at, and our reception is usually good, but sometimes it cuts in and out for no reason.

Sirius: Our RadioShack store was inside a 2-story mall, and we were downstairs. Our antenna was right in the store, near the front (away form all windows/doors). We got crystal clear reception 24/7, even when there were huge storms outside. IMO, the selection of stations is better over at Sirius too. They have many more GOOD rock stations than XM (Squizz 48 is the only good rock one I've found on XM). Also, Sirius have NFL, NBA, NHL, Howard Stern, and NASCAR in 2007 (currently with XM. I've heard that Sirius may buy out XM's final year and take it 2006).

When the time comes, I'll be going with Sirius.

Hey, you don't need a Satellite-compatible deck with XM/Sirius, do you? I remember our Sirius "car kit" was a thing that you just selected an FM station to play on, but is that the same way with XM?
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XM has more new and emerging artist, than sirius from what I have heard, I have heard good things about both and currently have XM but I am going to buy sirius for my apartment, just to test the two and do a comparison test for everybody, with both systems as long as you have a clear shot at the southern sky you will have reception the only time I lose XM currently is when the southern sky is totally blocked from the antennas view, mostly tunnels, mountains and one spot in the woods near where I live, Both also offer portable, units, for home and cars and both offer FM tuners for those with out tape decks. currently sirius is 499.99 for a lifetime subscription and XM currently doesn't offer a life time subscription only a 5 year subscription that costs 599.40 XM for long term pricing is more expensive, but for a month by month payment plan they are both 12.95

Xm has commercials on its news channels and on all its channels about what is playing on that channel or other channels of the same genre which I like over not having any commercials because then you can keep a heads up for something you might want to listen to,
IIRC sirius is 100% commercial free, but I cant confirm that yet a sirius guy needs to speak up about that

I hope that all this help you out in your decision.
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Sirius music channels are commercial free, unless you count when the DJ's mention the new movies that are coming out or other Sirius channels. They're pretty quick and smooth about it, so it doesn't really bother me. They don't get into Inane DJ Prattle (tm) like so many FM stations.

Sirius also has "spots" for the channel you're listening to - the 80s channel's spots usually have me laughing out loud and are only 30 seconds anyway. The short break from the music actually seems to help, not hurt.
As of last X-mas, Sirius was still 100% commercial free. Don't think they would change it, either. Its one of their biggest advertising plugs to combat XM, so the odds of them putting in commercials is small.
ok so XM and sirius are pretty much the same on the music channels but n the news channels they have some commercials maybe one every 30 minutesso they dont really bother me that much either.
I have XM in all three cars...I couldn't go without it. I haven't much of Sirius, but it seems fine. I literally bought XM right after it was introduced, so Sirius wasn't even an option at that point. On the family plan, the additional XM radios only cost me like 6 dollars more a month, so it would be stupid to have both, even though I thought about it :)

XM is commercial free on all music channels as well, and mine comes in even works in my garage :shrug:

Basically you need to look at the channel listings and descriptions for both services, and try to listen to examples of some of the stations. I think you can do that online with both services maybe? I'm pretty sure you'll like whichever one you get.

Good luck!
I've got both... both have perks... and sirius is soon to have howard stern... yay!!! I enjoy both soooo sorry im of no help i guess lol
it comes down to like wade said look at what they offer and buy the one you think you will enjoy more from what everybody says, not matter what sattelite service you have everybody swears by thiers, I know I was with out my car for two days and driving around someone elses and regualr radio was annoying the hell out of me, but Sat radio is the ish
Sirius rules... I too have multiple vehicles with it and its another $6.00 per receiver service. Area 63 ownz me. (Channel)
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