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What are you doing this Saturday??

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Would you like to go hang out with IL NECO buds in Waukegaun (northern IL)? Jeff has graciously opened his house for us to hang out on Saturday. We are going to invade his house anytime after 3 PM to take cougars' dashes apart and socialize. Ok.. I will be the one socializing. =o) Please RVSP and to get directions to Jeff's house email Jeff at [email protected].

Want to get lost to Jeff's house? Please email me.. i will make sure you are lost w/me! =o)

Please bring somthing to drink. We will probably order pizza and just have fun!

Serious note: Today someone got ahold of my AOL name. The scary thing was they kicked me offline to send their 150 msgs in 4 minutes. I think everything is fine now, just I am aggrevated. Don't worry I called AOL. I am SO careful about my password and it still happened to me! I hope I didn't send any werid offending msgs. I didn't mean that if I did.

Have a great week!
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I can meet everyone at the McDonald off of the tollway and you guys can follow me to Jeff's house. This way no one will get lost! And believe me, you will get lost! There is TONS of construction going on around here, it's ridiculous. Just set a time to meet at McD's and I'll be there.

EDITED: Sorry about your email Heather, that sucks...
Heather... you can see what they sent if you look in your sent items... we had that happen to us x2 when we had AOL and it was porn both times... AOL did nothing to help and kept telling us we had a virus on our computer... well considering Jim has worked for Compaq for a couple years now i think he could figure out if we had a darn virus! Also, we recv'd tons of threatening emails back from ppl ... one claiming that i did not believe in God and would be damned to hell ... well needless to say .. that person recv'd an email back from me and then apologized... but if it happens once it can happen again .. make sure your password has numbers and letters in it

Good luck and I hope that it does not happen again
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My password actually has numbers, letters and symbols if you can beleive that one. They had to be working hard on getting my password. So far I haven't gotten any emails from people back. This never happened to me before and we have had AOL for 6 yrs now. Oh well. I just changed my password again. And i have a hard time sending msgs now. Takes a few minutes to send One msg! UGH!
You will have to tell us where this McD's is Amber because I get lost very easily!!

But that sound good to me, how far away is Jeff's from this McD's?
I'd probably uninstall and reinstall AOL if I were you. People get AOL passwords by tricking you to run a program that emails them your password. That is likely the way they got it if you had a complex password. If it is a program, it is likely still there, and changing your password won't probably help. That's also probably how it happen to AtckCat twice.

About Saturday, I can't remember what I'm doing. Sounds like it will be fun, I'll let Heather know if I'm going (I know, gotta bring Jen, gotta bring Jen). Amber, could you post what time to meet at McD's and where its at? Thanks!
I (jeff) work until 3:30. should be home within a very short time after that. The McDonald's I think Amber is talking about is on Grand ave by Great America (u can't miss it) I live down grand and over a few blocks. Only bad thing about grand is that it is now a one lane road with construction. E-mail me and I can give out a few different sets of directions. I'll even put a sign out that you can see that will inform you that it is my house. Heather knows what I mean. She gave it to me last summer after a "big" meeting.
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I know where that is!! If that is the one Amber is talking about, is it right next to gurnee mills??
There are 2 McDonald's by Gurnee Mills, I'm NOT talking about Nostalgia McDonald's, I'm talkin about the one right off of the toll way. I say we meet at McD's around 3:30pm if that's cool with everyone.
So where is it in relation to Gurnee mills, or can you only get to it from the tollway and what tollway are we talking about?? I have no idea, I never drive on the tollway in that area. Help!!

3:30pm sounds good to me!
Well, you guys will be there at 6 PM right? Cause I work till 5 PM. How do you get to Jeff's house from Bartlett? HELP! I get lost. Please someone help me!
Jenny and Heather, you both sound so lost. It's funny
, anyway Jenny I'm talkin about 294. When you get off of 294 south there is a McDonald's right by the off ramp, you can't miss it. It's impossible to miss. It's on the right-hand side. But you won't be coming off of the toll way anyway, you will be taking all the back roads
, you know how to get to Great America, don't you? Well, the McDonald's I'm talkin about is 1 block west of Great America on the same side of the street, it's very easy to find. Now Heather (and everyone else), you have to take 294 south until to get to Grand Avenue, then take grand avenue EAST, it should be the 1st exit for Grand. Then McDonald's will be on the right hand side, just go there and wait for me. Call me before you get there so I can meet you, cause I don't want you to get lost
Everyone else should be at McDonald's at 3:30, I'll be waiting
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