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News story: WTHR - Indianapolis News and Weather - Mulch fire sends smoke over I-465

These are the videos of me driving through it. Requires Quicktime or a player that will be able to play 3GPP2 Movies.

*Note: Watch without the volume on because I was to lazy to turn the radio down before I recorded with my camera phone and you will probably :puke: if you listen to it :tongue:.


After I get through this, I continue on East I-465 towards I-69 to get back up to Fort Wayne. When I was about a mile away from the on ramp for I-69, my mom calls me and tells me that I-69 is closed both ways at mile marker 49.

News story: WTHR - Indianapolis News and Weather - Five dead in I-69 rollover accident

I in turn had to pull out the 2D map to find a route to get me at least 50 miles north on I-69. Wasn't hard because I already knew the road I needed to take to get going northbound, but just needed to find the cross road to take back to I-69.

This trip normally takes me about 2 hours but this particular trip took me about 4 hours. On top of it, if my mom didn't need me to install her printer for her, I would have most likely been very close to this accident as it only happened about an hour before I got to the on ramp when my mom called me about it.
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