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West Coast Prowl 3.0L Edition. Thats the "working name" I'm using, kinda taking advantage of the "3.0L" name from the engine. IDK, I think its catchy myself. If you don't like it, well poo-poo on you! Basically its the 3rd Annual Cougar meet for everyone out on the West Coast (kinda similar to CougarBash).

All indications from everyone interested are that we will go to Las Vegas again this year. Everyone had a blast last year, and Vegas was a lot of fun and a cool place to hold a gathering like this. I've heard that the Stardust hotel has some special thing for "car groups" to try to lure car meets in. I'm not sure on the exact details, I'll check on them and add them when I find out.

Now this does NOT mean that it WILL happen in Vegas! I'm still very open to other idea's for location. Amongst the ideas we could use.
San Diego- Cool place to hang out with other members (unless your car gets broken into and your stereo stolen. Sorry bout all that Byrd.)
Phoenix- Lets us AZ guys host our first multi-state meet. Hot Import Nights is gonna be here mid-October, we could do something around that.
L.A.- IDK, we could find something to do there.

Let's hear your ideas for location!

We're looking at a mid-October timetable, I set out a possible October 14-16 weekend date if we go to Vegas. Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS) is having one of their "Friday/Saturday night drags" that weekend.

Friday, October 14
Test ‘n’ Tune -- 6-10 p.m.
BFGoodrich Midnight Mayhem No. 14 -- 10 p.m.-2 a.m.

Saturday, October 15
BFGoodrich Super Tuner Saturday Night -- 6 p.m.-1 a.m. -- Buick Grand National Racing Association, Supras Invade The Strip ’05, Euro Entertainment Super Tuner Car Show.

This would be great to get out to at least one of these events and team up on some of the local ricers.

Because we can!

Now that Fest is over, lets see what we can do to make this year's event a good one! Give your idea's on what you want to see with this year's event.

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Well, I guess we can eliminate any chance of this happening this year now. IMO its too close to the holidays to do it now, and we won't have another "window" until early spring. I'm not opposed to a March date at all, in fact I think that would work great. Give everyone a chance to do their annual "tax season mods" to show off in Vegas.

What do you guys think of something in the Spring? Its great weather there, and not really in a "peak" season so hotel prices shouldn't be too bad. I still would love to have a big West Coast meet, but with the forum crashing for a couple pivotal weeks back in October, that kinda screwed that up.

Lemme know what kind of idea's you guys have.
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