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How hard is it to install a weapon r intake? I really don't think I can just by looking at my intake and all. But if it's not too damn hard and someone has a good hot to on let me know.



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well the way i did it was

1. disconnect your battery
2. loosen the clamp that connects the rubber accordian tube to the throttle body
3. discconnect the iat sensor(located in the air box on top facing the steering wheel)
4. dissconnect the maf. should either be a clip or a wire bracket.
5. Standing over the driver side fender. disconnect the vaccum hose on the left side of the accordian tube
6. then disconnect both vaccum tubes on the right side of the accordian tube
7. take the oem clamp from the orignal space and attach it to the reducer tube out of the weapon r box and attach the smaller end to the throttle body.
8. tighen the clamp
9. put o clamp over the bigger end of the reducer tube and place the actual intake pipe into the tube.
10. tighten the clamp
11. take another rubber tubing and "o" ring and attach it to the intake pipe.
12. tighten the clamp
13. take the maf off the original air box
14. take the black maf adapter and bolt it onto the maf tighten all except the bottom closest to the driver seat
15. take out the bolt closest to driver seat on the arm where the original box rested
16. take metal bar supplied by weapon r and feed the bolt through the hole at the end.(might need to expand the hole)
17. now take the maf and attach it on the end of the intake. tighten up the clamp
18. with the bolt that isnt tightened on the maf adapter , bend the metal bracket up to meet loosened bolt on the maf adapter
19. bolt braket onto the adapter.
20. take last tube and put it on the maf adapter and clamp it down
21. now take the filter and clamp it down to the end of the tube.
22. take the hoses supplied and measure and cut appropiate lenth to go from the plastic vaccum hose to the intake on all 3 hoses .( you will need to remove the stock hoses
23. plug the maf and the iat back in
24. reatttach battery
25. fire it up and go smoke a honda .

ill attach a pic to show you

dont worry about the red wire,, it goes to my amp.. basically the install took like 45 mins , maybe less. its easy and the intake comes with instructions. all you need is a good socket set and you should be set.
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