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I know this sounds crazy that im even asking this, but ...

Im just not exactly sure how to do this. I saw this post on stock to weapon r intake a few things im questionable on - but if anyone can tell me how to do it from weapon r intake back to stock - id really appreciate it

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Guess I'll take a shot at this... its pretty easy.
Disconnect the battery (to reset the ecu)
Disconnect the MAF and the IAT
Disconnect the 3 vacuum hoses
Then near the throttlebody undo the clamp (righty tighty lefty loosey)
The intake piece should come off in one long piece
(key word is should... check to make sure it isn't a bracket to bolt it down. My aem one had one but I never installed it)
Cover the throttle body with a cloth so nothing gets in there while your working on the intake.

On the intake you've just removed
Undo the clamp to remove the filter
Undo the clamp to remove the pipe from the other side of the MAF
Unscrew the MAF from the adaptor piece (You want the MAF)

Now Screw the MAF to the stock box
There was a little oval piece that you should put back in near the fender there that went between the box and the fender
Slap that box back in.
Put the acordion tube in between the MAF and Throttlebody
Clamp it down
Reconnect 3 vacuum hoses
Plug the MAF back in
Put the IAT back into the stock box
Connect your battery
Start er up and let it level out.
Keep the tools in the car and take a little test drive just to make sure everything is ok.

Don't think I missed anything. Simple 15min if you know what your doing... 30 if you don't and are scared. Any light weight tuner should be able to help if there are no cougar people around. Worst comes to worst have a fun drive to our Mass/Conn BBQ at Purgatory Chasm This sat. Hope I helped more than confused.

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