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Ok, I've kept my mouth shut long enough. Does anyone remember when MJSAF sold his commando
wing on here? Well I'm the one who bought it. Now let me tell u all a little story. Ok bought it from
him a couple of months ago, I received it a few weeks later and because of poor packaging it got
busted up. No problem right? Wrong, i called him and told him what happened. He gave me the insured
value and the information. I called fedex gave them the info and they proceeded to tell me that
only the shipper could file the claim. So the next day fedex shows up at the door asking for the wing.
They took it and told me it would be returned in 7-10 days. Well after a month of getting the run
around fedex finally informs me the wing was shipped back to MJSAF. Well I emailed him a couple times
before fedex told me this and got no response. Pretty good huh, He was sitting on the wing for 3 weeks
and wouldn't tell me. So after a couple of emails and calls he agrees to send my $200.00 back. So i
waited 3 weeks and still no money. So my girlfriend calls him because work 2 jobs and don't have time
and he said he sent a check and it must have gotten lost. He said he would send another check. Well
it's been over a month again and still no check. If I would have known this was gonna happen
i would have just kept the wing and tried to have it fixed. At least i would have had something to
show for my money.

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I sent him a PM explaining about this situation and asking him to reply in this thread. The last time he was on was 11/25/2003 12:50:15 AM, so he hasn't disappeared. Lets give him a couple days to reply to this thread and move on from there.
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