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Washer nozzles on Predator

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Can I use the stock washer sprayers? It looks like the fiberglass might be too thick for them to snap in place like on the stock sheet metal hood. The predator hood comes with a round hole drilled in it for the washer sprayers so I need to cut out a square for the nozzles to fit into. The dumbasses at the shop didn't think to test fit them before they painted the hood so its all painted and finished now without holes cut for the sprayers. They just gave me the nozzles and said I would have to get those in there somehow. Anyone install them on their predator hood?
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Not one person has installed windshield washer sprayers on their aftermarket hood? :mad:
I have them installed onto my kaminari hood. I didnt do the work myself, but i had someone do it for me. I have the chrome Led sprayers, but the wires are cut off. There longer, and circular fit. Maybe try those and paint them black or something.
Would it be at all possible to put them UNDER the hood near the windshield?
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