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Has anyone received any guff from their dealership since they have installed intake or exhaust. I have the KKM and want a dual exhaust but i am afraid that the dealership will hassle me about the warranty when i come to get the car fixed their. Anyone had a problem?
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i thought the same but i have kkm and borlas and all they can say is they don't cover that part of the car (understandable) but everything else is STILL under warranty unless they can PROVE your kkm or exhaust caused the prob.
The only thing my service guy has ever said is to be careful re oiling the KKM. He said he has seen a lot of people put them on the Lincoln's and the oil can damage the MAF. Make sure you let it dry, like the instructions say! Of course, it won't be totally dry it is oil! Just don't put it right back on and fire up the car for a spin!
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I took my car in once to get some minor noises looked at. They cocks said they could not hear anything because of a "loud aftermarket exhaust" and wouldn't help me.

Well I have done a lot of stuff and they never say anything. They just open the hood and go wow and then shut it again and they finish their work and it is done. Of course if it was some major engine problems I would take everything off to see if it was that and then if it wasn't I would bring it in to get it done that is unless they record that you have done stuff. In that case I guess I will have to figure it out my self but the engine has been great. Most of the dealership probs consist of stupid interior plastic crap, brakes, or recalls.
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