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its not broken at all, it might have one or two little scratches on it, but nothing very noticeable. i took it off because i got the wings west hi-rise spoiler. it's off a 2000 cougar. i'm not really sure what the value on it is, but i once had an offer of $50 that never ended up does that sound?

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$50 sounds fair.
Do you by any chance know what the width of the wing is between the mounting posts?
The reason I ask is because I'm trying to fit a wing to my 1998 ZX2 and I like the look of the Cougar spoiler.
I just want to make certain the wing doesn't mount over the edges of my trunk lid.

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The wing is too short for my trunk.

Mustang Wing - Too Wide
Taurus Wing - Too Wide
Focus Wing - Too Wide
Cougar Wing - Too Short
Aftermarket Wing - Too Expensive (I'm cheap by nature)

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I cut out a template of the Cougar wing and tried fitting it to my'll just look ridiculous.

Thanx for the help though.
Very much appreciated!
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