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doh! well, chock it up to another reason to hate Geocities...

anyway - here are the pictures... its a 1987 cougar, but it had a 5.0L and a host of other things - which you could see if the site worked :tongue:
Cobra Upper/Lower
Mac Cold Air Intake Kit.
K&N Filter.
65mm Throttle Body
71mm Mass Air Meter
19lb Fuel Injectors
Stock Mustang Headers
New Mustang H-pipe w/ 4 converters
Dual Flowmasters
R-12 conversion

here are the pictures :)
not too bad for an older cougar i thought...

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Give respect to the 80's cougars! I had an 87 model, (which is the same as the one that is shown here) and they were plush, quick on there feet, and a beautiful ride. They were huge too. The XR7's were hella fast at highway speeds. They had a 5.0 Stang engine in them. Digital dash's with more options than in the current cougars, full power everything, and huge bucket seats... man I miss that car!

Edit: He re-did the interior and made it look like ass...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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