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Ok, well I dont have a digi cam or regular pics for that matter but I do have some further insite to add to the wonderful How-To that Kinger sent me on this install. Just a few things to add:

1. This is a royal PITA! If using a ford pump it will be cake; if using the Walbro 155lph then allow yourself some serious time- took like 4 hours or so. ( I think I could do the ford pump in about an hour)
2. There is not only splicing of fuel lines to do but also the wire harness. Luckily I had some wire connectors/ crimper/ etc. handy but know this: the factory harness that goes to the pump itself is NOT a direct swap. You have to cut off the harness. The red wire goes to the positive terminal on the pump and the black wire goes to the negative terminal on the pump (they are labeled). This wont be a problem to anyone with the slightest electrical background but just a heads up so you dont panic;)
3. You dont need any more than a foot of 3/8 hose or 1/4 hose. I used about 2 inches of one size and maybe 3 inches of the other. I was able to re-use one of the factory crimped hoses though so if you bust it while disconnecting it you may need several more inches of 3/8 (still way less than a foot though total)
4. I did this with 3/4 tank of gas in the car- yes it was a bit more messy than needed but it is possible so dont waste half a day driving in circles.
5. The inside of the pump housing will likely be filthy. I used an air compressor to blow all of it out- there are tiny crevaces so just using a rag is pointless. Maybe use some spare gas or thinner or something to wash it out...I dunno. Not too difficult so figure it out.

Thanks again to Kinger for the how-to. Now everyone bug him for the pic he has and maybe he'll just transfer everything here. Thanks again. I owe you a few
:beer: s at cougarfest 2003.
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