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ok this opinion is based on a LOT of advice i recieved in the uk from a very well reknowned (award wins and magazine features) if you want all out spl no contest(as good as the w7's are) the solox will hit harder plain and simple if you want sound quality and the ability to pound out the bass then go for the w7's
although the solox has a very high power rating (rms) one of the reason's is they are not a very efficient(relativley)sub and they NEED that much power.
bear in mind if you want spl you can acheive very good result's with some cheaper sub's as other's have pointed out solox's are not cheap to say the least neither is the w7(although these are a LOT harder to find a sub to get near the quality of sound they produce)
i'd say the choice,if you want one or the other without other option's come's down to qaulity or spl all of this information is ofcourse relative bear in mind these are two of the best sub's money can buy!!:biggrin: hope some of this helps you make a decision.
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