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Wheels Direct finally has my replacement rim in! Woo hoo! Ordered it in September! Holy crap!

God, I hope I don't find out tomorrow that it wasn't drilled properly or it's the wrong size...

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That's where I bought my tires from last week! Good bunch of guys that work there.

Good luck man, hope it goes in your favour.

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Yeah, September 27th it says on my receipt. Everything shuts down in the winter, it's ridiculous. Man I hope there are no problems...

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Well, there were problems. LOTS of problems. I've gotta get my parents to go to the store tomorrow to try and get it all sorted out (Busy week, can't make it into Toronto from St. C)and I'll post details then. Friggin' Frack....

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Frickin' Frack... My mom was supposed to go down to the store today since I can't get into town, but I'm still at damned work so I don't know what happened. Hopefully it's GOOD or my post tomorrow will DEFINITELY cover all the details. I don't want to totally badmouth them until I see how they handled it....

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Okay, here's the skinny:

-Got to Wheels Direct at 1:30
-Waited in line for an hour
-Said I was here to pick up my wheel, they put my key in the list for wheel changes
-Went to lunch
-Got back at 3:30, my car is 4 cars away from being seen
-Noticed that there's a "Bay is closed" sign beside the keys
-Wait an hour and a half
-My car goes in
-Wait half an hour
-Guy comes out and tells me they need the key for my wheel-locks
-I tell them it's in the box on my passenger seat
-They say no, I go out and look - it's NOT there, or anywhere else in the car
-I say "F**k it. Swap off the damaged rim and I'll take them home and put 'em on myself"
-They do so, and bring my car out front
-Get into car, look at passenger seat, see the wheel lock key sitting pretty noticeably on the passenger seat. Say "Oh, I see.." to myself and drive home (at 5:30ish)
-Next day: Take the wheels out and prepare them for install
-Notice that the damaged rim is still attached to a tire, and that they've swapped off a good rim for the new one and that the good rim they've swapped off is nowhere to be seen
-Call them up (this is sunday, so they're closed) and leave a message explaining the situation
-Monday: My mom goes down to the store, and apparently gets the right wheel back and the damaged one swapped off. Colin, the owner apologizes

So, I have to wait to this weekend to see if everything is cool, but from the way my Mom described it, they seem to have handled my case very well, so I'm happy.

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Well at least you got your new rim...........finally. I'm sure it'll all work out for you this weekend.
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