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Vortech Supercharged 1999 Cougar....

I have a huge problem, the vortech company has dropped my vortech kit before I could get the ECU recalibrated... I dont know what to do about this... I have talked to superchips and they think they can send me a programmer to deal with the recalibrations but Im not sure if this will work or not. Plus vortech doesnt really seem to know who did the ecu rework for them to begin with... when people sent in the ecu to be recalibrated??? So I guess my questions are to do with the kit and what changes in the ecu will need to be made? The boost will not exceed 10 psi but do i need to worry about timing maps or fuel maps? And if so what should i set them at... i do not have access to a dyno unless someone rich feels pity for me, cause vortech sure doesnt... Perhaps someone has a spare vortech pcm for sale? Or an extra chip?

Thanks for you time, hope someone can help me, my email is below.

Larry Clevenger

[email protected]
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