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Visteon spoiler/ TL covers installed :)

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Finished installing them after I got them back from the paint shop. I think I've found a good shop, so I think I'm going to have them do the cosmetic work for my car from now on. (As long as the price is right)
Still have my z3's needing to be installed, I guess that will happen on my first paycheck after christmas.
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Looks very good. Keep it up.
damn that cleaned things up alot... very nice! :cool:
nice spoiler! looks good on your car.
check out that shiny ass

and o yeah nice spoiler:thumbsup:
thanks everyone... I think from now on, I wont be so reluctant to modify the car. I keep finding excuses to go out to my front yard and look at my car:biggrin:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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