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Violent Vibration from??? please help

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At first I thought it was my rims, since they are 18s....but lately I've notice that my whole engine is actually vibrating I like is struggling and is about to give up when I reach a certain speed...and sometimes even when I start the car.....anyone else has similar problems and might know what it is??
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This really belongs in the problems section. Are you getting a CEL? If you are the code would help narrow things down. I am at a loss to explain it, but two things come to mind right off spark plugs/ignition coils or fuel pump.
is it happening at the same speed every time, if so check your balencing of the tires, if not check a;; your spark plugs you might have a ring or two failing. just a suggestion with out driving it i really cant tell you for sure!!!
get a code scanner on there.... sounds like you are misfiring
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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