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Two days with the service dept.: A sad tale.

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Last Thurs. I took my Cougar in to my dealer for some warranty problems and the two recalls. After getting my car back I noticed some more problems. The first and most important is a violent vibration in my engine when applying the gas. It felt like maybe a broken motor mount. And the second was that my battery was never disconnected while it was there for my recalls, one of them being the negative battery router.

As for the recall they told me that the battery did not need to be disconnected for that recall, because it was a wire from the alt not the battery. Does that sound right?

As for the violent shake in the engine, my service guy had me take out one of the techs in my car so he could see what I was talking about. So while we were driving around the block I hit the gas hard a few times so he could feel what I was talking about. I explained to him that it was more obvious at higher speeds when I am in a higher gear at lower speeds. And when I hit the gas you can really feel it. But being on side streets I would have to gas it hard in lower gears for him to feel it.

Well the tech agreed that it was either a tranny or engine mount that had broken. But when I questioned him as to what he thought it was and the cause, he said he thought it was most likely one of those mounts, and it was caused by abuse. Abuse, WTF? I asked him how he could possible assume that it was abuse and he told me that my driving was very harsh and I was causing the damage to my car.

So I once again explained to him that I only did that to make sure he felt what I was talking about, and do not normally slam the gas for no reason. And how dare he accuse me of mistreating my car in the first place? I told him that my car did not have that problem until I left the dealer on Thurs. after they had it. And he said "Well, it's nothing that we did I can assure you of that." So I asked him how he could be so sure, and he replied that they would not disconnect a motor mount or tranny mount for my recalls.

Again I asked him about his assumptions. I reminded him that a broken mount was just his theory in the first place, and it was not confirmed that was the problem. And besides that point, he has no right to accuse me.

They gave me a new Tarus for a loaner, and you know I am beating the **** out of that for spite. I know they wouldn't care, but it makes me feel better.

I can't wait to get my car back, because I won't really say anything until I get it back, the revenge factor you know. But after it comes back I am going to inform the manager that I am buying my wife's new car at another dealer just because of the service I get there. I know my voice means nothing to them, but I am going to try my hardest to shake things up. If it were up to me both my service advisor and Bob would be out on the streets for the way they treat people.
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if i were you i would write a letter to the owner of the dealership ....and do you ever get those phone/mail surverys regarding service? i would SLAM them there!
and just to go a step further i would look at the Ford/Merc site and see if there is any place to give feedback on dealerships/service and give them a piece of your mind
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Good thinking.. and on if you register, there is a place to give feedback about dealerships.
I would probably send a copy of your complaints to both of these addresses. I don't know if they will help you directly, but they may forward it to someone useful. Worth a shot.
From the Owner Connections section of the Mercury vehicles webpage.
Now that you’re a part of the Mercury family, we want to hear from you. Let us know why you love your Mercury, and your story may be published right here in Mercury Update. Just send a letter and a picture of you and your vehicle to:

Your Turn
Mercury Update
The American Road
P.O. Box 19606
Irvine, CA 92623
Call our North America Customer Relationship Center (NACRC) with inquiries or concerns:
(800) 392-3673 (Ford/Mercury)
(800) 521-4140 (Lincoln)
(800) 232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired)
Office Hours: 8am - 11pm (Monday - Friday) 9am - 6pm (Saturday) Eastern time
Go for it, I know I will send every address I find a complaint about my dealership when necessary.
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the recall is for an alt. ground wire, not a battery.. They didnt disconnect my battery neither.
Yeah, my battery wasn't disconnected either. Was a tad concerned about it but I guess it's normal since most/all people had it done that way. I was surprised to see my radio station presets and bass/trebble settings still in tact when I picked the car up!
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its just a retaiing clip. They check to see if the Alternator cable runs too close to the return AC line, they didnt even need to fix it on mine. If its too close, they install a retaining clip to keep it away frmo the line. the service manager here said that he hasnt had to fix one yet.
Yea, the recall has nothing to do with the negative battery cable itself, however. Any good tech disconnects the battery when doing ANY work on an engine of any kind, it is always step one in any process. Especially when working with an electronic peice of equiptment. So reguardless, the battery should have been disconnected.

I am going to give them hell, after I get my car back. I want to wait and see what the verdict is on the bumping noise. Then I am going to go apeshit on them. I am going to talk to the service manager, then the owner of the dealer, then Ford Lincoln/Mercury. Hell I will contact Jesus if I have to.

But until then, I will continue to abuse the **** out of the 2001 3.0 Taurus they gave me as a loaner.
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