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Trying to find link

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A while ago I came across a link somewhere in these messages to someone who had made this fiberglass speaker enclosure that fit into the the space(in the trunk)behind the wheel well...i think an amp was mounted on it as well....

if you know it, please post it.

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do a search for "fiberglass" otherwise ask keane.
In a couple of weeks, I will be offering finished product Subwoofer enclosures, custom made to fit in the spare tire well!!
what I was planning on doing was this idea but not for an speaker enclosure...I want to do this idea but use it as a amplifier rack to mount my amp too...I haven't many ideas that I really like for mounting an amp in the trunk...

the website I'm looking for had many step by step pictures of the process of the project...
I will also be making setups liek that also. Do you want it in the spare tire well, or on the side?? How large is the amp??
the amp is a RF 500a2...and I would want it on the side. I think I'm gonna do it myself...more fun that way...Thanks for your offer anyway jjennings. But I would like to see some pics of your finnished product.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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