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I have been looking for a set of springs for a long time now!!!. I have posted this topic before but i have had little luck=( I am looking into lowering my car. I have a four cylinder. The eibachs wont work..H&Rs wont fit. and well i have been informed from my local tuner shop that i will not be able to lower my car becuase no one makes springs for my car. I know stoffler does but i live in Canada and well i think paying over a grand for springs is wak. I dont know if sprint springs makes springs for my car so if anyone knows of anyone at all that makes springs for my car it would be a great help. I want to make sure they fit my car so that my handling is improved and not decreased. A rep from eibach said i could use the V6 springs but becuase they are made for the weight of the V6 i would get poorer acceleration and it would probablt only lower my car about .7 in... PLease help me
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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