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I have a 99 cougar and little problems keeps popping up everywhere...........

It's obvious the guy who owned it before me had a huge sound system in it or something. Their are cut wires sticking out of places, scratches in the trunk etc. He must have took his cd player with him as well and replaced it with an inferior one. The cd player worked fine untill the other day when it shut off for no reason. If i eject the cd and put it right back in it turns on and works for awhile but still turns off sporadically.

The handle on the outside of the driverside door is loose. It looks like their is a rivot missing or something cause it can be pryed pretty far back and I can see inside it.

My trunk wont open unless i put in the key turn and pull up at the same time or hit the trunk open button while pulling up on it.

My hood release lever doesnt work and unlike the trunk, even if someone is lifting up on the hood while pulling up the lever it wont open. The plastic thing that the contains the lever is broke so I guess the previous owner messed around inside their as well.

Any thoughts or solutions???

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weird.......ok, I can help you with some of your issues.

The trunk will not open unless one of the doors is unlocked. However I have the same problem when the doors are unlocked and sometimes still does not open, sorta weird. Not much help sorry.

The hood thing is easy to fix. Take off the "kickplate" thing on the left side where the lever is. It just pulls off. You'll see the lever thing, and you'll also see the cable. It connects with sort of a "C o" combination.....hard to explain, you'll see how it came apart when you look at it. real easy fix, just push it back in. I just superglued it in so it wouldnt happen again.

Hope you can understand that
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