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This is for anyone who has the 45* cut tips. The ones that come with it when you don't request anything special...

When your washing your car and you are getting around the rear bumper/tips area have you even cut yourself on the tip? Tonight was the 3rd time this year I've done it. The first was a quick nip. The second cut across the nail & cuticle (both which were no biggie). But, I have a 1/2" slice going across my finger and it was deep enough to start pouring blood the second it happened. And not that minor cut, light red blood either. This was deep red and flowing pretty good.

A guess a bonus is that all 3 were clean enough that they didn't hurt. In fact, I didn't realize it till it stung from the soap getting in it. But this 3rd one was a good enough gash I needed to post about it. I knew I should've gotten those rolled 45's....

i smell a lawsuit lol

seriously though, i have those same tips and I know what you mean. I get lazy and I clean my tips about once a month usually, and yeah those tips are kinda sharp.
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