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Trubends Exhaust Dual Angled Tip

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Does Any one by any chance use the Trubend dual exhaust angled tips And you can clamp or weld how mouch would it be to get it welded and when clamped do you lost hp???? wb plz Chris
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there are no differences in performance gains from clamping or welding the exhaust, they are the same. Just with welding you know its on there solid, and will not come apart, and there will be no leaks, unlike clamps were leaks could eventually form.

To get my exhaust welded i was charged 50 bucks, took about an hour worth of time too. Call around, or drive to certain shops to see if they can hang it up for you and weld it at the same time. It shouldnt be expensive at all. I would assume under 100 dollars.
damn i was thinking it was like 200 bucks thanks man but ya wats up on trading head lights???
Sorry about swearing i didnt know i typed it wont happen again
Originally posted by: CoUgArDrIvEr01
Sorry about swearing i didnt know i typed it wont happen again
Hell, damn, suck and piss are permissable . . . anything that might offend the eight year olds who frequent our forum gets the [censored] treatment.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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