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I have traction control on my 2000 atx and i was wondering if that is why it takes off so slow from the line or does anyone know how i can fix the problem. Is it a governor issue?

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No, if the traction control was bogging you off the line, you would see the little yellow traction control light on the dash blink. If it doesn't blink, it was never used. :) And even with traction control on, I've managed to chirp the tires a few times in my ATX. Your problem is that it's an ATX. ;) If you're dragging, you can try power-braking (turn OFF the traction control first) by putting your left foot on the brake (as hard as you can) and putting your right foot on the gas until the car is straining at about 2k-2.3k RPM, then take your foot off the brake and floor the gas. Just remember, it's bad for the tranny to do that too often. (I try to do it no more than once every few months at most.)

In any case, if you think traction control is bogging you, just press the traction control button in the center of the dash. If the light is yellow on the button, it's off.
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