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Its'a ME! :biggrin:

I'll get some new new NEW pictures tomorrow when its daylight outside... i've gotta run the car for a bit anyway.
I would have done it today, but it was freakin' -50 bazillion below 0 today :cover:
I may be a Canadain, but im a tropical-weather-person at heart :biggrin:

anyway Mike - here are some pictures for the record book, and my info:

- The Driver -
Name- Matt Cerins
Location- Ottawa, Ontario
Email- [email protected]

- The Machine -
Year- 1999
Color- Black
Make/Model- Ford/Mercury Cougar
Mods- Everything... and then some :tongue: - i'll make an official list in May once i've finished everything for this year :)

3L Roush
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Welcome aboard! :biggrin:

I'll go through your CougarDB page and add a bunch of the mods on there to your profile on the website. Just so its got something in it. When you get the new list, i'll change it. It only takes a couple of minutes. ;)

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