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Got this from a local car forum..

<u>Hot topics on other car forums</u>

Mercedes forum

-My wife is divorceing me and trying to take the house. How do a kill her and keep my Doctors license?

Bentley Forums

- I used the ash tray today How do I replace it?

Camaro/Firebird Forums

- My girl slept with my brother and my wife. How can I kill em? I have a record and I ain't going back.

Mustang forums

-Some punk kid in a civic tried to race me.

Monte Carlo forums

-Why do I keep getting pulled over, it aint stolen yo.

Civic forums
(quite a few here)
-Some punk kid in a Mustang tried to race me
-Just added some more decals (5hp gain)
-whose tailpipe is bigger (post pics)
-A want some Altezza'a
-Car actually took off today. Thanks to my new wing.

VW Bug forum
- Save the Earth concert was a success (pics)

Yugo Forum (couple here)
- How to turn your Yugo into a childrens gym (DIY+pics)
- Where the best place to start a fire in this thing?

Lamborghini forum
-Wind noise around 210MPH

SUV forum

- Are the Gas prices going down any time soon?

Lexus forums

- Remember that car company that made the Legend? What happened to them?

Pontiac Fiero forum
- Just bought a new flame ******ed suit (pics)

Legend forum
- eye candy (pics)

BMW 745 -750 forum

- How do a get a coffee stain out of my carpet?

Caddilac forum
- How do a get Yak out of my fur seats?

Buick Forum

- Is Medicare and Medicaid right for me?

Delorean forum

- Just got back from the future and blew a head gasket. Please help. I'm from 1985

Crown Victoria forum

- How come people don't never pass me on the highway?

Honda Accord forum

- Mom is giving me the car. Do anyone have any altezza'a for sale?

Toyota Echo forum
- Does our cars use AAA or AA batteries?

Ferrari forums

- Just bought a boat. Need suggestions about a quick round business trip to Columbia + should a bring the biatch along for the ride?

Saturn forums
- (In for sale/wanted) Roman candle landed on my fender. Melted and need to replace.

- Wife (now ex-wife) got in car with shoes on. How to remove blood stains out of carpet?

McLarean F1 forum

-Some punk kid in a Stealth Fighter tried to race me.

Hummer forum
-Had a fender bender today 24 hurt, 10 killed. Is black touchup paint available through the dealer?

Fiat forum
(first ever post)
-Hello? Am I the only member?
(Last ever post)
-Hello? Am I still the only member?

Mitsubishi forum
-How to remove training wheels (DIY)

Nissan (Silvias) forums

- Just finished my USDM 240 conversion! (Pics)

Subaru WRX forum

- Got pulled over for drifting in New York City. I hate cops

Supra forum

(For sale/wanted)- 2 turbos isn't enough. I need Nawwws

Chevy Trucks forum
- It aint going into fifth! What in tarnations is wrong? Hell, I aint got all daY! Com'on niow ya'll shoot me a holler. Gotta git those darn cows rounded up

Cougar Forum
(Fill in the blank)

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Chevy Corvette Forums
My penis is EXTREMELY small and I am elitist. I got into a race with (insert random car here) and he smoked my ass. Oh well, I don't care, it was just a (insert random car here).

Supra Forums
Hahaha! Stupid FORD/Chevy/Lambo! My BPU supra is faster than a stock Ford GT/Z06/Diablo!

Q: Whats the similarity between a 600 hp supra and an 800 hp supra?
A: The 12-second timeslip.
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