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just got kkm intake, borla dual exhaust, and headers in the mail.
my bro is comin from out of town to help me but i need to get the necessary tools.
i'm sure he's got enough for the intake and exhaust but i want to make sure we gonna have all we need for the headers.
anyone out there can help?

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The only must is air tools. An Air Ratchet with extension is a must. I can't remember what other tools we used exactly but air tools are a huge help for the headers. Hope that helps.


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I am sorry, but air tools are not a must ... I have either installed or help install 3 sets of headers now. You will need:

2 3/8 Universal Joints
1 3/8 Very Long Extension (about 18"-24")
Various 3/8 extensions
3/8 sockets, both shallow and deep
3/8 ratchet
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