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im just wondering whats legal in terms of battery relocation for autocross. i tried to locate it in the 2005 rulebook, but couldnt find it. anyone care to chime in on the rules regarding relocating it to the trunk?

fully enclosed box or can it be a tray with the battery exposed but bolted down?

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I'm not sure but I believe this is covered in the Regional Supplemental Rules and goes something like this:

If you have a sealed jell battery, you use a non metallic battery box such as the type used on motor homes.. If you have a lead acid battery, then it must be in a metal sealed container. Either box must be securely bolted to the floor.

Away, that is the rule here in Norther California SCCA Solo2. Happy motoring. :biggrin:

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Any wet-cell battery moved from the manufacturer’s original
location shall be in a non-conductive marine-type container or
equivalent, and the hot terminal shall be insulated. All batteries
(on-board power supplies) shall be attached securely to the
frame or chassis structure independent of the marine-type
container. NOTE: This will allow the use of gel cell or dry cell
(AGM) batteries without a non-conductive marine-type container
where applicable.
Take it as you will... basically thats the only verbage I could find that referred to dry cells...

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Hi, Justin,

The Optima is an AGM-type of battery and does not require a marine-type enclosed box. However, I suggest that you consider using a marine-type box to reduce any hassles you may get in tech.

Just a precaution.

Hope this helps.

- Doug

Doug Gill
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SCCA National Solo Rules - SCCA - Sports Car Club of America
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ive read through the 2005 rule book looking for a specific answer on battery relocation. in a hatchback car with an optima in the trunk can you use a tray and mount the battery on that, or does it have to be a fully enclosed box? im asking this question in regards to solo 2(autocross)

sorry if you arent the right person to be contacting, if you arent can you inform me of the proper person?

thank you,
recieved an email back hope this helps others you have this same question.

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dry cells are completely safe, meaning you can cut your optima in half and not have an acid spill. The only hazard with a sealed battery is over heating which causes a large pressure build up and in turn may blow the hidden pre-vents on the battery. As long as your terminals are insulated you should be perfectly fine placing your sealed battery anywhere that it is secure
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