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To anyone who has a boost guage

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Well I bought a boost guage as a "hole filler" in my air-bag guage pod. It is a mechanical autometer cobalt series boost guage. I was just curious if I can hook it up to anything. I wasn't sure if my 'naturally aspirated but soon to be juiced' motor will even give a readout on the guage. If anyone has installed one and knows if it does, where is a good spot to splice in the hose? and what kind of readings would I get?

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Is it a boost only....or vacuum and boost gauge? If it reads vacuum, you can hook it up to your NA engine and get some useful information from it.
cetarin compnaies make an Intake Manifold Pressure guage, you should try that
It is a boost only.. as I said it was a hole-filler and nothing more.. it would be cool to get some kind of reading from it though.. it serves no perpose but to light up blue and fill a blank spot in my guage pod.. I got it 'cause it was really cheap. I would like it to do something besides sit there and shine it's little blue heart out though.. if it won't work.. no problem. it'll still sit there and shine..
Buy a Boost/Vacuum gauge at min... It'll at least move and show you the vacuum changes from idle to'l move and not make you look like an idiot...

I have a friends with a boost gauige in his a pillar pod, but it's not a boosted car, and honestly he looks like fool whenever people see it.

From your sig I see you have 2 gauges that do something, so why not get others like: Fuel pressure gauge, water temp gauge, oil temp or pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, fuel level gauge even, etc...atleast they'd all be functional...
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it'l move and not make you look like an idiot...
That's being quite nice...
Well.. just asking a very specific question.. not for bashing, thank you. The guage cost me $6 so i bought it.. If any of you have checked the pricing on autometer cobalt guages you will see why I didn't just buy a 'fuel pressure - $189' or a 'voltmeter - $129' or 'water temp - $149' If it lights up and fills a hole for over $120 cheaper it fits my purpose. To everyone, thanks for your input, much appreciated.
With your gauges already in place I think its time for some forced Induction, so... what are you going for?
That is my eventual goal.. probably the vortec supercharger kit available for our cars.. I've been saving for a while now and recently found someone parting with their brand new kit.... so buying that is next on the cards.. That would be the reason I don't have any money to spend on guages.. Even though I need them. But I figured that boost guage will be perfect when the charger comes ...
if its boost only... route the hose to the engine bay and let whoever blows the highest psi ride shotgun.. lol
lol .. now that is funny
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